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The cooling tower is an essential device utilized as a part of numerous genuine applications in which water must be cooled down for industrial purpose. It is comparatively an inexpensive gadget for the cooling of re-circulating industrial water by means of evaporation process. Cooling towers are used to transfer the heat of re-circulating water into the atmospheric air.


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Cooling towers are heat rejection devices that cool waste heat to a lower temperature and then eject it into the atmosphere. These towers allow a portion of the cooled water to evaporate into an air stream, which raises the air’s temperature creating a steam-based humidity that ejects into the atmosphere.This evaporative heat reduction technology achieves a cost-effective and energy-efficient operation that other heat rejection devices do not offer.

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At Delta Cooling, our aim is to provide you the most efficient and safe cooling tower repair and maintenance services. We take care to collate resources, processes and technology to deliver maintenance and cooling tower repairs with minimal downtime.We take pride in having our own cooling tower repair and maintenance service staff, which allows us to not only control schedule and quality of every cooling tower maintenance job, but more importantly, guarantee safety.

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Delta Cooling Towers P. Ltd. is committed to providing the highest quality cooling solutions that consistently meet or exceed its customers’ expectations for product quality and performance. We also ensure the timely delivery of products and services. Our corporate philosophy aims to promote company’s brand and products at an international level,while constantly striving to offer innovative solutions.
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Quality Policy

We assure superior quality of our products at all times and we have requisite procedures in places to ensure best practices at each step of the production cycle for raw material procurement to the manufacture and delivery of final output. We ensure all compliances and standards are met to clients’ specifications. We also ensure the timely delivery of products and services.
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Keeping in mind the latest trends in modernization and advance technology, we are well-equipped with the sophisticated machinery to carry out mass production to meet the requirements of our customers. We have the right combination of manpower and the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to provide you high quality cooling solutions.
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What is Cooling Tower

Cooling tower is a very vital component of various industrial applications. The primitive responsibility of a cooling tower is to discard the heat into the atmosphere. The cooling tower charaterises a relatively modest, dependable and economic means of abstracting low grade heat of water from a circulating system.

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How Does Cooling Tower Work

Generally, a cooling tower can refer to any form of industrial water cooling by means of evaporative effects. Cooling tower is a most common, acceptable and economical device for industrial water cooling. Basically the cooling tower is nothing but an evaporative water cooling equipment. Although water can also be cooled..

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Counter Flow v/s Cross Flow

Counter flow cooling towers are fitted with an induced draught fan on the top and are directly mounted on the motor. The fan induces the ambient air into the tower to draft it upward. As a result, the speed of exhaust air is much higher than the air that enters. These results in low pressure drop and also lower circulation.

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