Delta’s Series DFC-50 symbolizes round bottle-shaped FRP cooling towers. Our round bottle shape cooling towers embody excellent design, up-to-date technology and other innovative features. We manufacture a series of DFC-50 round bottle-shaped FRP cooling towers to meet the high demands of customers requiring compact, efficient and heavy duty cooling towers.

Our aesthetically designed DFC-50 series cooling towers comprise a bottle shape with an axial flow fan on the top to extend vertical air discharge. Industrial heated water flows into the cooling tower through water inlet connection provided in the auxiliary suction tank fitted underneath the FRP basin. The hot water, driven by the force of pump moves upward via center stand pipe fitted on to the auxiliary suction tank. A self-rotating sprinkler attached on the top of stand pipe rotates the water to distribute it evenly over the fills/packing.

The occurrence of counter interaction of air and water leads to the vaporization, which results in the thermal separation of heat. A small amount of water vaporizes to the atmosphere and the remaining water gets cooler. Finally, the cold water is collected into the leak proof FRP basing for re-circulating it to the industrial process.

The bottle shape facilitates in lowering the internal pressure drop of air. It also allows the external dry air to enter into the cooling tower from all directions. It is precisely because of this that the series reflects the most reliable and efficient cooling towers among all designs available in the market.

Advantages of DFC-50 Series

  • High strength FRP casing and basin
  • Tough and Light weight
  • Aesthetic and advanced design
  • Long life with minimal maintenance
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Durable and leak proof
  • Hot dip galvanized structure and internal parts for abrasion resistance.
  • Ranging from 5 TR to 600 TR in single cell
  • Axial flow fan with adjustable angle to enhance the air draft at less power
  • Special weather proof extended shaft flange mounted motor designed for tropical conditions

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