Rectangular / Square Shape Cooling Tower

Delta’s DFC-60 series covers a never ending range of square/rectangular cooling tower. The term” never ending” is quoted here because of the modular attribute of the series. These cooling towers can be made available in any capacity and of any size.

The series adopts the fundamentals of induced draft counter flow operation, whereby the heated water enters the cooling tower via the inlet pipes and leaves out after lowering down the temperature. The hot water is splashed through the non clogging splash caps over the fills/packing for increasing the surface area. Simultaneously the outside dry air is induced to the cooling tower with the efforts of cooling tower motor emplaced on the top. Due to this counter contact of water and air, the evaporation takes place resulting in the temperature drop.

The air inlets are limited to the lower part of the casing walls and the air after going through the functioning area leaves most of the entrained moisture in the new and the effective system of drift eliminators.