Cooling tower is a very vital component of various industrial applications. The primitive responsibility of a cooling tower is to discard the heat into the atmosphere. The cooling tower charaterises a relatively modest, dependable and economic means of abstracting low grade heat of water from a circulating system.

Hot water from any heat-exchange application is discharged to the cooling tower. The cold water flows out of the cooling tower and re-sent to the same heat-exchange application. The water cooling in the cooling tower is obtained by the principles of evaporative cooling, whereby a small portion of hot water is evaporated into a moving air stream and consequently emitted into the atmosphere. As a result the prevailing water in the cooling tower is cooled down considerably.

Suflice to say that the evaporation is the cheapest melthod of any kind of industrial water cooling. Thus a cooling tower is the most economical device, which may be utilised in a number of applications such as HVAC, Refrigeration, DG sets, plastic moulding machines, Chemical plants, Process cooling, Heat exchanger and any more.