Our Team

Delta Cooling Towers P. Ltd. is known as one of the most trusted and leading manufacturers and suppliers of a very fine quality and premium range of industrial water cooling towers.

We realize that providing high quality cooling solutions is the product of the cumulative efforts of a number of team players that need to synchronize their efforts to deliver seamless products that optimize performance and reduce costs, and improve performance at all levels.

We provide each project a dedicated project manager who is the single point of contact for all stakeholders and team players.

Our project managers’ services focus on detailed input from a project’s inception to its completion.

The project manager coordinates with the other members of the team to lay the blueprint of a solution which is tailored around your needs and gives you exactly what you’re looking for.

Our team then works together to ensure that the solution meets the requirements of the client while ensuring technical compliance with the specification. We have the right combination of manpower and the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to provide you high quality cooling solutions. Our business networks and client satisfaction programs are strengthened by personalized service by our own team and through our various associates all over the nation.