Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Being such an important cooling medium, water should be properly taken care of. The normal water used for industrial cooling contains various suspended particles such as minerals, bacteria, debris and other impurities. As a result it may adversely effect the cooling system by developing scale.

As the cooling is obtained by means of evaporation, the left over water becomes concentrated. The makeup water introduces more solids resulting in the increase of concentration.

Therefore water treatment is necessary to optimize the performance of cooling tower and lots of processes. With the proper water treatment, a significant proportion of industrial water might be re-usable. Industrial water treatment mainly seeks to manage the hard water scale.

Hard water scale is caused by the precipitation of calcium or magnesium suspended in the circulating water, The scale deposits lead to lower cooling efficiencies, increased power consumption and lowering the life of the mother plant.

These are several types of water treatment methods available in the market such as softener, de-ioniser, R.O. etc. However the non chemical water treatment is considered to be the most effective and reliable solution.

Delta’s non chemical water treatment device – Delta device inhibits the scale built up in cooling tower, heat exchanger and pipe line. It works with the combination of adsorption, turbulence and galvanic action. There is no maintenance or electricity required for the same.

An on line non – Chemical Water Treatment Device is a most reliable scale prevention method having many advantages over other water treatment systems. Only one time installation cost will help you in improving efficiency of the system and saving of energy without changing the chemical composition of water.

Features and Advantages of Delta Device

  • Controls scale and reduces existing scale
  • Reduces costly downtime due to water related problems
  • Zero maintenance
  • Environmentally safe
  • Zero energy requirement
  • No Chemicals required
  • No operating cost
  • Easy Installation
  • No moving parts
  • Long Life