How Does Cooling Tower Work

Generally, a cooling tower can refer to any form of industrial water cooling by means of evaporative effects. Cooling tower is a most common, acceptable and economical device for industrial water cooling.

Basically the cooling tower is nothing but an evaporative  water cooling equipment. Although water can also be cooled by constructing spray pond, however the space now is so limited and expensive, that compact high performance equipment has become the necessity.

Every industrial process usually needs the cooling water for efficient and proper operation. Cooling towers transfer the heat from re-circulating water to the atmosphere and send the cooled water back to the process.

Hot water is pumped into the cooling tower which is splashed over to the fills/packing by through the static perforated non clogging branch pipes or self rotating sprinkler. Dry air from the atmosphere is sucked by the induced draft fan mounted on the top. The contact between upward air and downward water leads to the evaporation, resulting in water cooling. Cooled water is collected in the sump of cooling tower, which is sent back to the main application.