The cooling tower is an essential device utilized as a part of numerous genuine applications in which water must be cooled down for industrial purpose. It is comparatively an inexpensive gadget for the cooling of re-circulating industrial water by means of evaporation process. Cooling towers are used to transfer the heat of re-circulating water into the atmospheric air. 

Untreated water running through cooling towers can leave behind scale and can cause corrosion, resulting in a loss of heat transfer and inefficiency in critical operating equipments. An appropriate water treatment system can help minimize scale deposits, resulting in reduced power consumption and extended cooling tower & Machinery life. 

Delta Cooling Towers P. Ltd. is an established manufacturer, supplier and exporter of superior quality FRP cooling towers and non chemical water treatment device. Incorporated in 1993 by Mr. Yogesh Mohan Kaura and Mr. Manish K Shihani, this company believes in long lasting relationship with the customers. So it offers the high performance and reliable products at very reasonable price. With a considerable experience in the field of cooling towers, it offers an exclusive range of induced draft (draught) FRP cooling towers in round bottle shape and rectangular/square shape. 

All Delta cooling towers operate on the principle of counter flow mechanism, which have several critical advantages over the cross flow cooling towers. It encounters the more uniform temperature contrast between air and water. At the filling support mesh level, on the bottom of the fills the coldest water contacts hottest and driest air. The temperature difference at this location is very high in counter flow cooling tower design. In fact it's the largest possible temperature difference achievable. Since the heat transfer rate is directly proportional to the temperature difference, the heat transfer rate will also be highest here.

In addition to the cooling towers our other line of products is DELTA DEVICE. This is a gadget utilized as an alternative mean to treat hard water without the use of chemicals. It's an online equipment helping in conservation of water and energy, as well as elimination of chemical use towards the environmental concern. It is a proven technology, which is being used in the industry extensively and with great economic effect. 

Delta Device is highly accepted in industry for its lots of unique features such as easy installation, scale prevention, energy saving, self contained, continuous treatment, non-polluting and many more. A special core inside the Delta device is highly concentrated and permanently charged energy inducer. This core is made of various precious metals and elements allocated in the manner of higher +ve ions to lower -ve ions. When water passes through the device, the dissolved minerals in the water are effected in such a way that they resist scale formation. It converts the dissolved solid into colloidal suspension in order to prevent the machinery from scale. 

Manufactured in accordance with the industry standards, Delta's FRP Cooling Towers and Non Chemical Water treatment devices are extensively appreciated for exceptional quality, high performance and prompt after sales service. Under the wise guidance of the promoters, the company has achieved specialization in the art of serving customers with the best quality products and services. It's well developed infrastructure facilities, skilled & professionally managed work-force and other allied strengths enable it to offer the world class FRP cooling towers and non chemical water treatment devices. 

Delta Cooling Towers P. Ltd. has earned a reputation for excellence in the competitive industry, where water cooling is required. Delta's cooling towers and non chemical water treatment devices are widely used in HVAC, Refrigeration, Power generation, Plastic moulding, Chemical plants, Process industry, Steel plants and many more. The company is now all set to take giant leaps towards handsome growth on the back of fast growing industries in the country.