Cooling Tower Installation

Cooling towers are heat rejection devices that cool waste heat to a lower temperature and then eject it into the atmosphere. These towers allow a portion of the cooled water to evaporate into an air stream, which raises the air’s temperature creating a steam-based humidity that ejects into the atmosphere. This evaporative heat reduction technology achieves a cost-effective and energy-efficient operation that other heat rejection devices do not offer.

In tower installations, it is essential that these projects be performed without mistakes. As a full-service commercial cooling tower manufacturing, repairing and installation company, Delta Cooling has the experience to install new cooling towers. We have the professional and technical expertise to install cooling towers for all purposes. Our team is available round the clock to provide you all critical and emergency cooling tower installation services.

We employ all safety procedures in accordance with HVAC standards and follow all regulations and codes to ensure safety to personnel and environment.

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